after death did us part

A Widowed Mother’s Day


Widow Shmidow, widow, widow life, widowed parenting, new beginning, new normal, after death did us partBefore I was widowed, my late husband would help the kids make breakfast for me on Mother’s Dad. He would help them shop or clean or whatever.

Recently, their grandparents asked them what they were going to do for me. Get me a card? Do something nice? Their grandfather said, “You should clean the kitchen.”

When I got this report, I thought it was a little strange that they didn’t offer to take them to shop for Mother’s Day as they have in the past. I’m sure if the kids had asked to go shopping, the grandparents would have taken them.

It’s fine though, really. Every single day, I’m grateful for my kids. I’m grateful that we live in a loving home, free of emotional abuse and yelling.

When I hear my kids tell me they love me and when we have meaningful conversations, that’s all I need. Everyday is a Mother’s Day for me.

Happy Mother’s Day

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By Dee
after death did us part

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